About Us

Henry Fitzsimons. CEO
Hello, my name is Henry Fitzsimons and i am a dog trainer with 25+ years experience having travelled the world training dogs. I am also a father who has two son’s on the Autism Spectrum.

I was contacted by parents asking me to train their own dog or if I could find them a suitable puppy, as they could not wait the 3-5 years they had been told by various charities. Most parents also said that they would also not be able to go fundraising every weekend due to time restraints and the time it takes to look after their children.

I knew I could make a difference so I dreamt of a place where parents did not have to wait 3-5 years to receive their service dog, or had to spend their limited time fundraising at weekends but instead a place that

1. Understood what it is like being a parent of a Special Needs Child.
2. Done everything possible to help those in need of a service dog receive one in the quickest time at the lowest cost.
3. Offered training carried out by full time professional dog trainers.
4. A place that gives full back up support for the lifetime of the service dog.
5. A service dog training school that complies with the standards laid down by the most respected assistance dog organisation, the ADEu ( Assistance Dogs Europe )

Service Dogs Europe train Autism Service Dogs, Diabetes Alert Dogs, Hearing Alert Dogs, Seizure Alert Dogs and Mobility Service Dogs. We do not exclude anyone needing a service dog but ask how we can help and what requirements you would like us to train into a service dog to make your life easier.

We have placed dogs worldwide and will continue to do so while people need us.

We Are Here To Help You With The Minimum Of Fuss.

Dog Trainer Henry with happy dog