Puppies Available

Sorry All Of Our May Service Puppies Are Now Placed.

Our Next Service Puppies Are Available the end of September 2015.

If You Have Been Accepted Onto Our Puppy Programme And Are Ready To Receive One Of Our Service Puppies In September 2015 Then Phone Us On 042 9374532

To be accepted onto our puppy programme please fill in the appropriate online enquiry form and email it to us.

All puppies we select to enter our puppy programme have had their parents assessed for both health and temperament, and we have come to the conclusion that they have the correct temperament to produce outstanding service dog puppies.
Thе breeds wе choose tо work wіth аrе uѕuаllу Labradors, Retrievers, Red Setters, Goldendoodles and Labradoodles.

When the puppy reaches 3 months of age you and your puppy will need to attend an obedience and socialsation class. This class is usually one hour per week for 4-6 weeks. These classes will be in your own home town area, with one of our approved trainers.

When the puppy reaches 6 months of age they will need to undergo further obedience training. This will usually be with the same local trainer in your own home area who is approved by us.

When the puppies reach 1 year they will return to us for 8 weeks service dog training.