We Come To You

Service Dogs Europe have the experience required to be able to place our working Service Dogs worldwide. We currently have dogs working in Ireland, The UK, America, Singapore, The Lebanon and in other countries in Europe. 


We will send one of our skilled trainers to work with the adult/child for 3 days in their home and local town. Our trainer will stay in a nearby Guest house or Hotel, and work with the adult/child every day. This is when the specific needs of the adult/child are met, and the service dog is fine-tuned to the normal daily routine. We show the Service Dog performing the tailored tasks you required to be trained, and you and the trainer will visit all the places the adult/child and dog will encounter during your usual day to day actives these can include, schools, parks, shopping centres, restaurants, etc. This method is proven to be far more helpful as the training is carried out in your own environment.